About Me

Welcome to A Sporting Insight, a website containing opinion columns and features based on the most interesting sports news.

I am Jed Court, a freelance sports journalist studying BA Sports Journalism at Staffordshire University. Ever since I realised that I couldn't kick, throw, or run,  I wanted to be a sports commentator. (This included commentating into a cassette recorder at Primary School sports matches when I was eight!) 

Now my priority is print, and as I've almost finished my second year of study, am on the look out for work experience and maybe a future job. 

I love all things sport, from football and cricket, to golf, snooker and even rhythmic gymnastics (my sisters have both competed for Great Britain), and I love the thought of getting paid for writing about what I enjoy the most.

Hopefully one day my commentating dream will become a reality, (I am doing some work with the University radio station), but for now it is time for the blog and some frantic typing.